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Arch studio was established in 1985 and initially functioned as an architectural studio designing, forming interior and exterior spaces. Since 1998 expanded its activities and began collaborating with art galleries, companies, foundations and organizations, promoting works of art.
arch studio collection includes paintings, sculptures, mosaics, art jewelry and art objects.


arch studio is a 20 year old company, and its founder’s original core values for quality, originality and the importance of service, still play an essential role in the company.
We believe that the works of art designed, created and promoted by arch studio, have to be contemporary, unique, maintain a very high quality, to have original and time lasting design and accompany the lives of people that buy them.
Our goal is to spread and establish to the wide public the love for modern art with original and affordable works of art.

We adopt the same attitude with our associates, suppliers and our customers. We invest in solid and long term relationships, based in trust, confidence and commitment, but at the same time we welcome and adapt to challenges from our environment. We have high expectations both from our partners and ourselves, but we never forget that life has to have a daily smile with space for creativity.
Louiza Dimitriou
arch studio

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