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Eleni and Louiza are mother and daughter… they work together and realize their creative dreams with love and respect for the past nine years.

Eleni Dimitriou

Studied design and decoration at Doxiadis School of Art, drawing and enamel, decoration at XEN, mosaic with professors N. Evgenidis and A. Kokonaki (both from the school of Fine Arts in Athens)

Personal Exhibitions
1990-2000, Has made 15 exhibitions in Greece

Group Exhibitions
1987-2001, Took part in 25 exhibitions in Greece and abroad with most recent ones the exhibition made by the international mosaic congress in Ravenna Italy and the art exhibtion organized by UNESCO in Athens.



Presentations, Publications, Awards

Her work has been presented many times by the press.
Honorary Award in the group exhibition of the 'Hellenic association against Epilepsy'
Some of her works are in private collections in Paris, London, N. York, Chicago, Cyprus, and Germany
Since 1983 she is the head of public relations in arch studio Gallery
She is a member of UNESCO, member of the Greek Cultural movement, member of 'AMICALE', member of the 'AIMC'.

Louiza Dimitriou

She studied in the United Kingdom, sculpturing, ceramics and design at Staffordshire University (Stoke-on-Trent), Bachelor of Arts in Business Studies at the University of Westminster (London), and has a Master's degree in Marketing and Communication with New Technologies fro the Athens University of Economics and Business with specialty in art gallery communication strategies. Jewelry design: Dimitris Nikolaidis (school of Fine Arts, Athens, Greece) and at Benaki Museum (Athens).
In 1990 some of her works were exhibited in the Athens Academy.
Since 1997 she dedicates her time in sculpturing and jewel design. At the sme time, she is the owner of the Art Gallery arch Studio in Athens. She has made and took part in five personal and three group exhibitions until today
A lot of her works are in private collections in Greece, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Spain, France, the USA, Hong Kong and Taiwan.
Her work is exhibited in various art galleries in Greece

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